According to new research, being unable to pay rent on time, smoking and having a pet are the most recurrent rules broken by tenants in the UK.

The study by Direct Line Landlord Insurance found that 15 per cent of renters have broken the regulations put to them in their tenancy agreement. The tenancy agreement is designed to nullify the chances of problems arising which it largely does, but there are still some tenants who go against landlords’ rules.

Most common landlord problems

Of those who have broken the terms, failing to pay rent on time is the most common issue (25 per cent). This is followed by smoking where it is forbidden (21 per cent) and keeping a pet without the landlord’s permission (18 per cent).  The study also found that 17 per cent of tenants damage or make alterations to the property. Subletting without permission, changing the locks and causing disturbances to neighbours were also cited as problems.

Sanctions vary, but the most common is for the tenant to lose some or all of the deposit (around half), although one fifth of tenants said that the landlord never found out about their wrongdoings. A full inventory with frequent interim reports is the best way for landlords to identify any of these tenants.

If you are having trouble getting your tenants to abide by the rules that you have put forward, read our tips for getting tenants to stick to them. Flexibility is also key for landlords. If they have good, long-standing tenants, creating a positive relationship by being accommodating of changes is likely to benefit all involved.

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