How our inventory process works

Detailed, accurate, fast, efficient

Here at Skribes we believe efficiency is paramount when it comes to meeting the needs of landlords, letting agents and tenants. With this in mind the process we use to deliver our services to you is designed to be as straightforward as possible, making everyone’s lives easier. Our online client portal will change the way you deal with your inventories including booking, viewing, sharing with tenants and storing. From start to finish everything is simple, fast and efficient.


Our team of inventory clerks have a keen eye for detail and have been trained to meet our strict standards. Our job is to protect both landlord and tenants monies by helping prevent disputes and ensuring there is enough evidence should a dispute arise. To date we have never lost a case due to lack of evidence! As members of the AIIC we follow the highest industry standards in reporting to ensure that all professional standards are met. You can expect the following from our reports:

  • They contain plenty of date and time stamped photographs to back up written text
  • They are detailed and comprehensive
  • Jargon free. You don’t want to wonder what O.D.U or N.U.M means and neither does an adjudicator. We don’t use jargon and we don’t use abbreviations.
  • They include make and model numbers of all kitchen ‘white goods’ such as a fridge freezer
  • They include measurements of floor rugs, picture frames, mattresses and mirrors


All reports are completed and quality checked onsite to ensure greater accuracy. No going home to type up later only to realise something has been missed.


We ensure that all our inventory clerks are equipped with the latest technology enabling them to compose reports onsite. This enables us to complete and return your reports the SAME DAY the inspection is carried out! You no longer need to wait days for reports or spend time chasing them up! This means that:

  • Your property is left empty for less time.
  • Because our reports are carried out so quickly, you can prepare the property for the next tenant quicker – making fast turnarounds less stressful.
  • Any issues are quickly identified and can therefore be quickly rectified.


Our online client portal allows you to easily book inventory services online and view completed reports wherever you are any time of the day, great for when you’re on the move.

Once we have uploaded a report onto the system you are able to send this directly to the tenant if you wish. The tenant is then able to view the report online (via mobile, laptop, tablet or PC) add comments and provide a digital signature, which is then embedded into the report. This removes the need for messy tenant comments scribbled all over paper reports and provides a clear professional looking document in the event of dispute.

All of your completed reports are permanently stored on your client portal. You can easily find completed reports and share with others or download as a PDF. You will also have a calendar showing all inspections booked in but not yet completed so you can easily keep on top of bookings.

If you use us for both your inventory and check out reports our system becomes paperless and removes the need to print reports altogether – saving money and being far more environmentally friendly.

As a new tenant, I’ve found the inventory performed by Skribes to be exceptionally thorough, covering virtually every minor thing I might have noted even after living here for a few weeks. The inventory report is well presented, precise, and the overwhelming majority of notable stuff is included; this gives me confidence that any deposit deductions when I leave will be fair.

Jim Driscoll, Development Team Leader

Tenant for Leary & Co Ltd

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