Protect yourself with a professional, independent inventory & check-out

Inventories & check-outs

Professionally conducted inventories and check-outs are important for both the landlord and the tenant. This is especially important since the tenancy deposit scheme was introduced on 6th April 2007.  It means that tenants deposits no longer remain with the landlord.  Tenants deposits now have to be protected by an authorised tenancy deposit scheme.

The scheme provider holds the tenants deposit until the end of the tenancy, at which point tenant and landlord come to an agreement as to whether any monies are to be deducted.  Typically deductions are for things such as cleaning, damage, redecoration, missing items or fees incurred from repairs.

If an agreement cannot be reached the deposit will not be released and will instead go to dispute.

Once it has reached this stage it is down to the landlord to prove that the amount needing to be deducted is justified and fair.  So it’s crucial that there is evidence to back up a landlords case as without it, the ruling is likely to come down in favour of the tenant.  A thorough, professional, independent inventory and check-out report, backed up by photographs, can be used as evidence in court to prove the condition of a property at the start of the tenancy and the end of a tenancy should a dispute arise.

Skribes’ reports are very detailed and have helped us win many disputes with the DPS

Nici Oliver

Stewart Oliver Sales & Lettings