It has been found that one in seven renters has broken one or more rules in their tenancy agreement, according to research by Direct Line.

Tips for having abiding tenants

These rules are vital for landlords as it gives them something to turn to should anything go wrong. Here are some tips for landlords to get tenants to stick to contract rules:

  • First things first, you need to make sure that you choose the right tenants. If you have doubts when you meet them or during background checks, you discover that they have an undependable track record, alarm bells should be ringing – and you should question whether they’re the right person/people to rent your property.


  • Be clear and make sure that your advert includes rules that you are particularly strong to engage. If you clearly state that these are strict rules, for example, non-smokers only, you will have a greater chance of finding the right tenants.


  • Put the rules in the written tenancy agreement. Before they sign the agreement it can be useful to go through the document to make sure they’re clear on the clauses.


  • Make scheduled interim checks. As well as giving the chance to check the maintenance to the property, knowing that visits will be made will dissuade tenants from breaking rules.


  • Be flexible with longstanding tenants. If you have built up a good relationship with tenants and they request to have a pet, for example, it might be wise to compromise. Establishing a trusting and positive relationship is important in ensuring other rules are stuck to.


Landlord property inspection services

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