In recent months there has been a growing list of issues for landlords to face, including the introduction of changes to tax and stamp duty. However, it is becoming evident that another concern is looming in the form of Airbnb and other similar websites.

Airbnb’s popularity is becoming a growing issue with more tenants embracing the trend without checking if their tenancy allows them to do so. According to a tenant eviction firm, Landlord Action, the number of tenants sub-letting without permission has trebled in the UK.

Why subletting is a problem for landlords

In essence, the practice means that some tenants are profiting by using what is actually someone else’s asset. Aside from the obvious breach of tenancy agreements and additional wear and tear, this problem is leading to many landlords breaking mortgage and insurance terms without even knowing it.

Paul Shamplina, Landlord Action founder, commented “There is not enough safeguarding in regards to obtaining proof from an individual who is advertising a property that they are the legitimate owner. Or, if they are a tenant, that they have consent from their landlord to rent out the property in this way.”

Birmingham landlords who suspect that subletting may be occurring in their property would benefit from having professional interim reports and checks to ensure that there are no wrongdoings in their property without permission. Mid-term checks are a particularly useful way of identifying subletting or any other problems part way through the tenancy.

Birmingham inventory reports

Skribes, Birmingham’s leading independent inventory and property services specialists, provide landlords with inventory reports, check-in reports, interim reports, check-out reports and legionella reports. All of these aim to minimise problems that could arise with tenants.

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