Want to protect your property Birmingham landlords? UK landlords are subject to over £5bn in costs every year. That’s because of tenants damaging their property and not paying rent. Damage is the most costly of the two with £4.5bn spent on repairs.

Protect your property

Of course, some of these repairs are down to wear and tear. You would expect to pay that as a landlord, But there is no question that the majority could be avoided. Many landlords feel tenants are not held to account when damage is caused. They feel that there is little they can do to protect their property. Landlords and agents have a poor record in winning tenant dispute cases.

The latest tenant deposit scheme stats show that property damage is the most common cause of tenant disputes (52%). So, what can be done to lower the amount you pay on property damage?

Regular inspections

Landlords should arrange inspections of the property every three months. This is to review the property’s state and arrange repairs. Tenants should be given a 24-hour warning without invading their privacy.

Frequent inspections also help to prevent subletting which is becoming a growing problem for landlords.

Only let to the right tenant

Making sure that the tenant is right for your property and is someone that you can trust is important. Be thorough with background checks and references. Ensure that the tenant is reliable and gives you peace of mind.

Inventories help to protect your property

The best way for landlords and agents to protect their property and avoid disputes is by ensuring that the condition of the property is fully recorded at the start of the tenancy. Make a comprehensive inventory, along with detailed check-in and check-out reports.

Unless landlords and agents have a thorough inventory, they are at risk of disputes and expensive repair bills.

Skribes is Birmingham’s leading independent inventory and property services specialist. We provide landlords with inventory reports, check-in reports, interim reports, check-out reports and legionella reports.  All of which aim to minimise issues that arise when a tenant’s contract has ended. We help you to protect your property.

Our team of inventory clerks have been trained to meet our strict standards and currently have a 100% success rate in winning disputes.

To find out how we can make it easier for you to protect your property call us today on 07891 551 905 or email info@skribes.co.uk.