Since the introduction of the Tenant Deposit Scheme (TDS) in April 2007, it has become increasingly important for a landlord to have, previous to a dispute, collected sufficient evidence to prove that any damages sustained are the result of that specific tenancy. Thus, supporting the legitimacy of any claim they make to some, or all, of the tenants, deposit upon their departure from the property.

Stating that ‘the deposit is first and foremost the tenant’s money’ and that ‘this remains the case until the landlord can justify their claim to it’ the Tenant Deposit Scheme website makes it clear that the onus is on the landlord to show why they are entitled to claim money from the deposit. A large number of deposits are thus returned in full to the tenant because ‘the landlord has not provided a strong enough case to keep it’.

The adjudicator bases their decision upon the evidence that is provided to them by both the tenant and landlord. If the landlord doesn’t supply suitable evidence to back up their claims, it is difficult for the adjudicator to award anything but a win for the tenant. That’s why a well-maintained inventory report is so important in claiming tenant damages.

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