At Skribes we don't leave anything to chance

At Skribes we don’t leave anything to chance. That’s why we have developed a thorough step by step process for our clients. Each item – from cooker hoods to bedroom chairs, is photographed and described. Now whilst you may not find this level of detail of interest, it is this information that keeps you out of court. What tenant could argue with a full description, complete with photograph? All the details, including pictures, are stored online so that you can check or review any item of furniture or room.

But the description is only a part of it.  Every picture is date stamped and we also create a full online calendar so you can see when the rooms have been checked, when tenants moved out, and when a new tenant moved in. Again, this is accessible to you online through a secure private portal to stop any problems before they start. It’s all part of the unique combination of speed and service that Skribes offers to our clients.

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