For the first time since the beginning of the tenant deposit scheme in 2007, more UK landlords are being awarded the full disputed amount at adjudications than tenants, new research has found.

The figures, which were found as part of the Tenant Deposit Scheme Annual Review for 2015, show that 19.8% of all disputes raised by landlords or agents resulted in 100% pay outs, while 19.2% of all disputes resulted in the tenant getting the full pay out. The remaining 61% of cases saw the disputed money split.

In previous years, tenants have always been awarded the full deposit more often than landlords and agents. In 2014 the percentages were 20.25% and 18.21% in favour of tenants.

Why landlords are winning disputes

Louise Burford, chief executive of Skribes, commented “A greater number of landlords are recognising the power of inventories and mid-term inspections. They are ensuring that the condition of the property is fully recorded at the start of the tenancy, along with comprehensive check-in and check-out reports. This shows in the findings from this research- more landlords are winning as they are presenting better-documented evidence.”

Inventories are a critical part of the dispute process and provide information for landlords and tenants about the condition of the property.

The power of the inventory

Skribes, Birmingham’s leading independent inventory and property services specialists, provide landlords with; inventory reports, check-in reports, interim reports, check-out reports and legionella, all of which aim to minimise issues that arise when a tenant’s contract has ended.

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