On October 1st 2015, new smoke and CO alarm regulations came into place detailing the updated requirements for private landlords. Since then there has been some confusion amongst landlords surrounding when and where they are needed. We’ve simplified the regulations and made them clear to make sure that you’re following them correctly.

Smoke alarm regulations

The requirements for private landlords of residential property are:

Smoke detectors need to be installed on every floor of the property in the hallway, landing or corridor. This must be on all floors where there is living accommodation- even if the floor only leads to a bathroom, it is still necessary to implement one because a bathroom is classed as a habitable area.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms need to be installed in each room where there is a solid fuel-burning appliance such as a coal-burning stove or wood burning fire. This does not currently apply to gas appliances, however, gas safety regulations are likely to be renewed in the near future.

In England, it is essential for landlords to check that the alarms are installed properly and are tested at the beginning of every tenancy. Keeping a record of your checks is the best way to manage this. It is also possible for landlords to include a clause in a new tenancy agreement which requires the tenant to ensure monthly checks on the alarms.

Alarms can be battery or hardwired, this option is left for the landlord to decide. It is advised however to check with local authorities if local obligations are in place before they fit the alarms.

Landlords of accommodation such as; student halls, hostels, care homes, hospitals, long leases and HMO licensed premise need not abide by these new regulations.

What happens if you don’t comply?

If a landlord fails to comply with all of the above regulations it will result in a local authority serving a remedial notice to the landlord, thus giving 28 days to solve the matter. Failing to do so in this timeframe will make a penalty payable, this could rise up to £5,000.

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