New findings by the National Landlords Association (NLA) has highlighted that over half of all tenant subletting occurs without the landlord’s permission.

The report was detailed following the governments’ proposal to introduce minimum room sizes to clamp down on problems which result in overcrowding and cramped properties.

Subletting without permission

Of the 11 per cent of tenants who admitted to subletting, five per cent did it with the landlords’ authorisation. Overall the findings show that 32% of tenants have approached their landlord, with 22% of subletting requests being permitted.

Carolyn Uphill, chairman of the NLA, comments “The research shows that subletting isn’t a wide scale issue in rented homes (63 per cent of tenants have never asked about subletting). But worryingly, when it does happen it is mostly done without the landlord knowledge or permission. These individuals are looking to deceive their landlords. Subletting can breach mortgage terms- so landlords much remain vigilant and aware of the problem.”

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Landlord property checks

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