Hundreds of thousands of buy-to-let homeowners will incur a green tax that will cost up to £5,000, according to a report by the Telegraph. The money will go toward making their properties more energy efficient by paying upfront for measures including insulation, cavity wall filling and new boilers.

It was previously suggested that landlords could apply for loans from the Green Deal scheme to improve necessary areas of their home. This would then have been repaid by tenants who benefit from lower bills. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy is now proposing that homeowners provide the money from 2018.

Minimum energy efficiency level

Property owners will be required to raise the energy efficiency of their property to at least Band E. More than 330,000 homes in bands F and G need major work. The most affected are likely to be landlords who let out homes from the Victorian and Edwardian era as these are typically less energy efficient than newer built homes.

Earlier in the year, a stamp duty was inflicted and with landlords’ costs rising, it is important that avoidable costs resulting from property damage are kept to a minimum. Inventories offer the ideal means to minimise disputes and evade preventable damages by tenants.

Landlord property inventory

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