Tenants spend an average of 18 months in a rented property before moving on new research has found.

The research, carried out by insurer Direct Line for Business, analysed major cities in the UK.  Results showed that Birmingham has the lowest tenancy turnover in England, with renters residing in a property for an average of two years and four months.

How long do tenants stay in Birmingham?

The research also looked into how long it takes to fill a vacant property. Birmingham was found to be the quickest with landlords finding new tenants in an average of just 11 days – 50 per cent faster than the national average.

The findings above show that housing in Birmingham is at a premium and that renters are staying in one place for longer periods of time as there isn’t much available on the market. And when there is, the high demand means that the property is filled within 11 days – the fastest in England.

Nevertheless, Birmingham landlords cannot always rely on their tenant remaining for the length of their tenancy agreement: in fact, 1 in 11 moves out early.

With such a long time frame between the start of most tenancies to the end, it can be easy to forget what condition the property was in when it was first rented. That’s why it is important to have a detailed inventory to hand when the tenant eventually vacates. And should any disputes arise, there is enough evidence available to support the claims.

Prevent disputes with tenants

Skribes is Birmingham’s leading independent inventory and property services specialist. We provide landlords with inventory reports, check-in reports, interim reports, check-out reports and legionella reports, all of which aim to minimise issues that arise when a tenant’s contract has ended.

Our team of inventory clerks have been trained to meet our strict standards and currently have a 100% success rate in winning disputes.

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