It has been found that more than 10,000 homes across the West Midlands have been empty and unfurnished for longer than six months, according to new government figures.

This problem is most apparent in Birmingham, where there are 3,886 ‘long-term vacants’ across the private and public sectors. Wolverhampton has 1,518, Dudley 1,204, Sandwell 1,163 and Solihull has just 114.

What is being done about unused properties?

In Birmingham, the council works with owners of unused property to get homes renovated and occupied, sold on or in extreme cases, where the owner refuses to deal with the problem, compulsorily purchases the properties.

The government figures are a substantial improvement on 2005, where there were 7,818 long-term vacants in Birmingham alone and 20,372 across the region. Although improved, with there being a short supply of available housing in the area, these properties seem to be being wasted.

Birmingham is thought to need an extra 89,000 homes by 2031. So far, space has been found for 44,000 within the city boundaries. The council is, therefore, looking at other possibilities to increase the number of available homes.

If you are a property owner in the West Midlands area with an absent property, contact your local council and they will provide you with guidance on the next steps to take.

Once you have your property back on the market, and ready for renters, it is important to have a full inventory to minimise tenancy issues and difficulties in the renting process.

Property inventory clerk

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